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Star Herd steeds have silver or gold tipped wings. They can have gold,silver,white,or dark blue or even black-tipped feathers. There version of a special foal is still a black foal. Their coats are often shades of White,silver, dapple grey, and palomino.


Star herd pegasi are fierce, brave, and loyal. Not a single steed in Star Herd is shy or non loyal. Traitors are harshly tortured and then, banished. Most of the time however, after a few days by themselves, the banished steed usally dies from all the torture they had recieved.


Over-stallion: Wildwing- Dapple gray stallion with Midnight-blue feathers, tipped in gold. Thin white blaze on face.

Lead Mare: Swiftcloud- White mare with silver feathers.